My name is Sven Vandendriessche and judging by the name of the website you may think that I carry out all these services on my own. In fact, I have created a small group of professional sailors, contractors and team members to offer a complete range of yachting services in a friendly, personal and positive way.

I have been working as a qualified Professional Captain and Project Manager for the last 20 years on many different sailing yachts and projects, in both the private, charter, refit and the International racing sector, and mainly in the Mediterranean.

I’m a MCA Commercial Qualified Skipper, I’ve sailed more than 150.000 nautical miles and I can speak five languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and French

I am currently based in Palma de Mallorca and I travel frequently to Puerto Banus, where I have been based in the past.

We have created this company in order to share all our knowledge and expertise of these wonderful seas that surround us with enthusiastic boat-owners.

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